Have you rented from Ari Strimov and would like to share your experiences? Are you thinking of renting from Ari Strimov and would like to know more about what to expect? Are you currently renting from Ari and would like advice on how to deal with him? I’m hoping that this will serve as a resource for all of the above. I was treated very badly by Ari and realized that I was not alone. In fact, it became obvious that every tenant of an Ari Strimov property that I encountered during my time renting from him ended up feeling the same way by the time they moved out. Ari counts on getting tenants in and out and pocketing what he can of the exorbitant 2-month deposit. He’s been sued in small-claims court many times before but counts on most of his disgruntled tenants (by which I mean all of his tenants) on being too worn down and fed-up to do anything at all. Ari has made a lucrative career based on his “business model” which I’ll explain in a future post. A big part of that model relies on tenants not communicating or sharing information. Up to now there hasn’t been a place for people to share info on him except for a few disparate posts on people’s blogs (ie link 1, link 2, etc.). By creating this site, I’m hoping that it will be a good place for people to vent and share information that will in turn help people make informed decisions.

If you have stories to share, please send me an email and I will gladly add you to the list of contributors to this site. My email address is:



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